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Our new Philips AVENT Natural bottle: The most natural way to bottle feed

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Natural bottle range
Natural bottle range The Natural bottle is our most innovative and advanced baby bottle, helping to make bottle feeding more natural for your baby and you. The bottle is perfect for moms who plan on breastfeeding, as baby can now easily combine breast and bottle feeding. Your baby can benefit from your breast milk no matter if you are around or not.

Babies accept our Natural nipple easily*

Research shows that 8 out of 10 babies accept the Natural nipple easily when introduced to our Natural bottle. The wide, breast-shaped nipple has been designed to help your baby latch on naturally. Inside the nipple, special comfort 'petals' increase softness and flexibility – it won't collapse, no matter how enthusiastically your baby is feeding.

With a breast shaped nipple for natural latch on, unique comfort petals and an innovative anti-colic system, it's our most natural baby bottle yet!

Philips AVENT Classic bottle range
Our Classic bottle has been trusted by mothers since 1984, when it was the first baby bottle to have an anti-colic system so your baby can settle more easily after a feed. It continues to be the preferred choice of many moms.

Nothing beats breastfeeding but if you decide to bottle feed, Philips AVENT draws on over 25 years' clinical experience in baby feeding to offer the solution that best meets your needs.

*79% of babies accept the AVENT Natural teat within one to three feeds (independent home placement tests US, April 2012)

Combine breast and bottle

Combine breast and bottle

Learn how new mothers can switch from breastfeeding to bottle feeding, creating the best experience for both baby and mom.

What moms say

What moms say

Learn what moms say about our new Natural feeding baby bottle.


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